Bonistalli Realty & Investment has tremendous marketing reach. We are in constant contact with the marketplace. As if in a stream, we stand at the center of buyer and tenant flow.

We have a respected, successful track record working with clients selling commercial real estate, adding real value throughout the positioning, marketing and transactional process.  With contract prices subject to constant attack and negotiation throughout the contract period, selling commercial real estate can be a trying experience.  We use our extensive experience to help our sellers anticipate and overcome adverse buyer demands, from contract to closing.  While some firms aggressively pursue listings, then throttle down, we are known for our diligent work throughout the selling process, and we are respected for maximizing client gains right through settlement, while getting the deal done with integrity.

Landlords deeply benefit from our years of participation in the leasing market.  We are keenly sensitive to market activity and are centrally positioned to be the first to sense a shift in our local commercial real estate market, making timely and appropriate recommendations to clients to move lease rates higher, tighten lease terms, or make other market adjustments.

Communication is one of the keys to our success. We maintain ongoing dialog with you, and with prospects.


We have strong, proven, local and national marketing reach, taking an aggressive pro-active approach to pushing your property out to the marketplace. We often participate with LoopNet, the most powerful national (actually international) commercial MLS, making our global marketing strength, literally, second to none.    It is not complicated, but it is very powerful, with proven results, year after year after year, in the best of times and in the most challenging of times.

But our marketing program doesn’t stop there. In addition to your property having its own unique web page on our firm’s popular and easy-to-use web site, our marketing program also includes display advertising, large property signage, listing on our comprehensive local MLS system, listing on regional and state economic development sites (where appropriate), face-to-face networking and extensive phone outreach. In short, to best help achieve your goals we position ourselves at the center of buyer and tenant flow.


Every property owner has different needs when it comes to getting the deal done. We dovetail with your style. From taking the lead, to adding market perspective, to just getting out of the way, we work for you.

Deep market knowledge, extensive market reach, profitable selling strategies, diligent work, good listening skills, a time proven sense of integrity and respect for both sides, deep expertise in contractual buy/sell and lease terms, and keen negotiating skills blend to make Bob Kahn Realty & Investment the firm that gets the deal done.

Bonistalli Realty & Investment
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