Tenants are really underserved in our market.

When a potential tenant represents themselves in the marketplace almost always the dynamic of their space negotiation is unbalanced. The landlord is plugged into the marketplace. He knows the deals that are being negotiated in the area. The tenant knows what other landlords are asking for their space, but since lease transactions are not recorded at the courthouse (as are buy/sell transactions) the tenant is probably unknowledgeable about current lease transactions. Frankly, the tenant is at a distinct disadvantage.

The simple truth is that landlords, their lawyers, and commercial brokers are virtually the only parties that know what terms are currently being negotiated in the marketplace. And the “asking price per square foot” is only one element of what is normally 15 – 20 pages of lease terms. Many lease terms impact the true cost of a lease.

Now, you know the expression “THERE’S NO FREE LUNCH”, well we can come pretty close. If you engage our company to represent you (known as “Tenant Representation”) in almost every situation the landlord pays our commission yet we exclusively represent your interests and maintain your confidentiality.

At Bonistalli Realty & Investment we enjoy Tenant Representation and, in many cases, would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Just give us a call when you’re ready to begin.

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